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The Mediation/Arbitration Services arm of O’Connell and Aronowitz is the firm’s vehicle for offering to the legal, business and professional communities the ability to resolve disputes at a lower cost and with greater efficiency than is available in traditional dispute resolution forums. We know from our experience with litigation, mediation and arbitration matters that there is a better way to resolve disputes, and we offer it.

We created O’Connell and Aronowitz’s Mediation/Arbitration Services in response to today’s realities of litigation and arbitration. Litigation in the courts has become more complicated and expensive with the advent of e-discovery. The retention of large volumes of information by companies has made discovery exponentially more difficult and time-consuming. With those developments comes added cost and delay of final resolution of a dispute. Arbitrations often become as cumbersome as formal litigation with the same undesirable consequences for parties and for lawyers who want to resolve issues quickly and more economically.

Our Mediation/Arbitration Services offers a win/win situation for lawyers and their clients. They will have the very real opportunity to obtain speedier and less expensive dispute resolution than is currently available. Paul A. Feigenbaum, Esq., a seasoned litigator experienced in a broad range of subject matter, can streamline dispute resolution by working with the parties through mediation or binding arbitration. Now lawyers can use our Mediation/Arbitration Services to bridge divides and reach a resolution that may not be possible when it is only the parties and their counsel who interact and who are often unable to realistically view the strengths and weaknesses of the other party’s position. The potential savings to those involved is huge.


Sometimes all it takes for parties to reach a resolution is hearing the viewpoint of an experienced, independent observer as to the strength or weakness of their positions in a dispute. The mediator provides a “reality check” that can facilitate settlement. The process is outlined in a Mediation Engagement Agreement.


The arbitration process envisioned by our Mediation/Arbitration Services will seek to provide more streamlined, less expensive and quicker resolution of disputes. Arbitration Rules and an Engagement Agreement have been developed with those goals in mind. The arbitrator will work with counsel for the parties to insure that only manageable, relevant discovery takes place and that it is conducted within a relatively short time-frame. Hearing schedules will be flexible and accommodating, and decisions will be reached quickly, consistent with a thorough analysis of the matters at issue. The smart use of relatively limited discovery, stipulated hearing exhibits, creative treatment of expert testimony process, and early, fixed hearing dates will offer parties an arbitration process that is fair but economical.



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