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Construction law is a highly specialized field, requiring attorneys with knowledge in both construction and the law. That is why it is important to choose the right construction law firm for your project. With the right firm, you can be sure that your team will have a partner that understands the complex legal issues involved in construction projects.

At O’Connell & Aronowitz, we understand that every project is unique, and each case presents its own set of challenges. Our team of experienced attorneys has decades of experience in this field, which allows us to provide comprehensive legal services to our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their projects are completed on time, within budget, and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Whether it is drafting contracts or resolving disputes, O’Connell & Aronowitz offers a full range of services for construction projects of any size. With our extensive knowledge and experience in this field, you can trust us to handle any legal issue related to your project. By working with us, you can rest assured knowing that your project is in good hands.

Common Construction Law Issues

Construction law covers a wide range of topics, from contract negotiation to dispute resolution. Common issues that arise in construction law include contractual disputes, delay damages, and legal compliance. Contractual disputes often involve disagreements between a contractor and the owner of the project over payment or unforeseen expenses associated with the project. Delay damages are another common issue in construction law and occur when a contractor fails to complete their work on time, resulting in additional costs for the owner. Lastly, legal compliance is essential in construction law as the industry is heavily regulated by local, state, and federal laws. Businesses must ensure they are following applicable regulations throughout all stages of their projects to avoid costly penalties or other forms of enforcement action.

It is important for businesses involved in construction projects to be aware of these common issues and how they can be addressed legally. An experienced construction law firm can help the parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the contract while ensuring they comply with applicable regulations. This will lead to smoother operations while protecting the parties from potential liabilities down the road.

It is important for businesses involved in construction projects to be aware of these common issues and how they can be addressed legally. An experienced construction law firm can help the parties understand their rights and responsibilities under the contract while ensuring they comply with applicable regulations. This will lead to smoother operations while protecting the parties from potential liabilities down the road.

Contract Disputes ›

Contract disputes are a common occurrence in the construction industry, and can arise from a variety of issues. At O’Connell & Aronowitz, we specialize in dispute resolution and provide effective legal strategies to our clients to help them avoid costly litigation. We understand that many construction contracts contain complex provisions that require experienced legal counsel to handle any potential disputes.Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in contract disputes related to building projects and other construction matters. We use advanced dispute avoidance techniques, including negotiation and mediation, as well as litigation strategies when necessary. We take special care to fully understand the situation before crafting a comprehensive strategy for our client.

We believe that efficient dispute resolution is essential for successful project completion, and strive to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients throughout the process.

Construction Defects And Liability ›

The intricate details of construction are susceptible to flaws, which can lead to costly delays and financial losses. We specialize in assessing liability claims related to construction defects and helping clients recover losses caused by them.Construction liability is a complex legal field, as it involves many warranties, contractual obligations, and regulations that must be followed. We can help clients understand the specifics of the case and their legal rights. We represent our clients in court proceedings if necessary, guiding them through each step of the process.

Clients can trust O’Connell & Aronowitz to assess their defects claims accurately and advise them on how best to proceed if a dispute arises. We have experience dealing with all aspects of construction disputes from initial negotiations through to resolution or judgment. It is important for clients to have experienced representation when dealing with any type of construction defect or liability claim. With the right team on your side, you can rest assured knowing you are protected from any potential losses arising from the situation.

Delay Claims ›

Delay claims are a common issue in construction law. Contractors may be entitled to compensation, and even additional time to complete the contracted work, due to an owner’s failure to perform obligations or delays caused by circumstances beyond their control. In order for contractors to submit a successful delay claim, you must document the cause of the delay and demonstrate that you have been prevented from completing your contractual obligations on time.The key elements of a delay claim include analyzing the contract language, determining the nature of delays incurred, calculating any associated costs due to delays, and understanding applicable statutes and court-made rules. Contractors can also use other strategies such as acceleration claims or disruption claims if there has been a complete breakdown in the project process. It is important for contractors to understand how these different types of claims can be used when submitting delay claims against owners or other parties involved in construction projects.

Given the complexity of construction projects and the potential for unexpected events, it is essential that contractors be aware of their rights with respect to potential delays. Understanding how delay claims work is critical for contractors to ensure that they are fully compensated for any losses arising from time delays during their construction projects.

Lien And Bond Claims ›

There are a number of legal issues involved in construction lien and bond claims. While most people assume these claims are easy to file and receive payment for, the process is actually quite complicated and requires the assistance of an experienced construction law firm. Our firm offers comprehensive services to ensure that lien claimants are adequately protected against non-payment. We can help you understand your rights under the law and provide advice on how to effectively pursue payment through lien and bond claims.Lien claims involve properly serving and filing a notice of lien against the property in question. A performance or payment bond may also be issued by the contractor, with all parties agreeing on certain terms in order to guarantee payment for the completed work. Our team has extensive experience handling both types of claims, allowing us to deliver effective solutions quickly and efficiently. We can review the terms of your contracts, assess potential risks, and provide tailored guidance on how best to pursue a successful outcome.

Insurance Disputes ›

Insurance disputes are another important area of construction law. Insurance coverage is a key factor in any construction project, where it is crucial to ensure that the project is adequately protected against any potential losses. When negotiating insurance policies, both contractors and developers need to be aware of their rights and obligations in order to secure sufficient coverage for their respective projects.Insurance litigation often arises when parties dispute the scope of coverage or the amount of compensation they are entitled to under an insurance policy. In such cases, legal professionals can help clarify the relevant documents and provide advice on how to resolve the issue with minimal disruption to the project timeline. This may involve assessing existing contracts and negotiations with insurers as well as providing strategic guidance throughout the process.

With experienced legal counsel, contractors and developers can have confidence that their interests will be represented effectively in any insurance dispute, allowing them to focus on completing the project without suffering unnecessary delays or financial loss.

Drafting And Reviewing Contracts ›

At O’Connell & Aronowitz, we draw on our extensive experience in drafting and reviewing contracts to create legally binding agreements that protect all parties involved. Such contracts are often long and complex documents that require an understanding of the legalities and processes surrounding construction.By engaging a construction law firm, our clients can ensure that any contract they sign is legally sound while also protecting their interests. Experienced lawyers will be able to review contracts thoroughly, looking out for any potential issues or ambiguities. They will also be able to suggest amendments or changes as necessary, making sure that all parties involved receive fair treatment under the agreement. By enlisting the help of a construction law firm when drafting and reviewing contracts, our clients, including project owners, can feel secure in their understanding of the rules, regulations, and commitments associated with any given project.

Negotiating And Resolving Disputes ›

At O’Connell & Aronowitz, we understand the importance of negotiating and resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. We work with clients to evaluate their situation before initiating dispute resolution procedures. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dispute negotiation and conflict resolution. We use a range of strategies to help parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement, including mediation, arbitration, and private conciliation.We also value the importance of legal representation during dispute negotiations. Our attorneys provide comprehensive advice on contractual obligations and liability issues, ensuring that our clients receive sound legal advice throughout the process. We strive to bring about an efficient resolution while protecting our clients’ interests every step of the way.

Our team is dedicated to helping each client navigate the complexities of resolving disputes through negotiation or other methods. We are committed to finding practical solutions that meet the parties’ needs while providing strong legal counsel at every stage.

Litigation And Alternative Dispute Resolution ›

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provides an avenue for pursuing justice in construction law. Litigation is a legal process that entails filing a case in court and having the matter heard by a judge or jury. In this process, parties are afforded the opportunity to present evidence to support their claims and to cross-examine witnesses. ADR, on the other hand, offers an alternative approach to resolving disputes without going to court. This can include arbitration, which is a more private and less formal setting compared to court proceedings; as well as mediation, where parties work with a neutral third party toward reaching an agreement.Both litigation and ADR have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the circumstances of each case. For instance, while litigation may provide greater certainty when it comes to the outcome of cases due to its more structured framework, it can be costly in terms of time and money. On the other hand, ADR processes such as arbitration or mediation can provide faster results at a lower cost. In any case, careful consideration must be given when deciding between litigation or ADR for dispute resolution purposes in construction law matters.

Regulatory Compliance ›

At O’Connell & Aronowitz, we understand that regulatory compliance is a key component of any successful construction project. That is why we help our clients stay in compliance with all applicable construction regulations, building codes, and other legal requirements. We provide effective guidance to ensure that compliance requirements are met. Our experienced attorneys are committed to helping clients comply with state and federal laws related to construction projects.We also advise clients on how to prepare for potential audits or investigations to ensure legal compliance. We help them create documents and records that will demonstrate their compliance with the law, as well as provide strategies for identifying potential risks and addressing them in a timely manner. Our goal is to make sure our clients remain compliant while protecting their interests throughout the entire process.

Risk Management and Insurance Advice ›

Our team provides comprehensive risk management and insurance advice. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to navigate any risk that comes your way. We are adept at handling all facets of dispute resolution, from contract drafting to regulatory compliance. Plus, with years of construction law experience behind us, we can anticipate potential issues before they arise and suggest preventive measures to protect you from liability.We are knowledgeable in identifying areas of vulnerability and providing strategies for managing risks associated with contracts, government regulations, and other liabilities related to projects. Our team has a strong understanding of the various types of insurance coverages available for construction projects so that you can rest assured knowing you are covered if something unexpected were to take place on the job site. We also specialize in helping companies develop protocols to minimize their exposure to liability due to accidents or other incidents occurring on the job site.

Working with O’Connell & Aronowitz

O’Connell & Aronowitz can provide legal assistance and counsel in all matters related to the construction process. We can advise on legal issues such as contracts, labor laws, safety regulations, insurance, and risk management, surety bonds and liens, zoning and land use regulations, environmental protection laws, and more. With our knowledge in these areas of law, we are uniquely qualified to assist our clients with their specific needs. We can also help with resolving disputes or claims between contractors, suppliers, design professionals or other parties involved in the project.

Our experience and passion for helping clients succeed is what sets us apart. Our team makes it their mission to provide our clients with peace of mind by ensuring that they are prepared for risks they may face during their projects. We will work closely with you every step of the way so that your project is secure and successful. Contact us today.

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From Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY to New York City, our lawyers will help you achieve your business goals.

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