Deaths on NY Ski Slopes

  • Mar 15 2019

The tragedy of three skiers who lost their lives in separate incidents while skiing the same trail at Hunter Mountain this winter is both headline grabbing and heartbreaking. This raises important questions as to whether the trail is properly marked to warn skiers about the nature of the terrain and whether the trail is dangerously designed and/or maintained. O’Connell and Aronowitz brings extensive experience to bear on this tragic circumstance. Our firm obtained a $1.5M settlement after a trial verdict for a skier who was injured at an upstate New York ski resort due to the failure of the resort to properly warn skiers of dangerous conditions.

Oftentimes, skiers believe that because they are injured while on the slopes, that they have assumed the risk of skiing and the mountains can never be held liable.

That is not correct.

If the mountain acted negligently to the point where their conduct has seriously compromised the safety of skiers, for instance, by improperly designating trails as intermediate when they are in fact expert trails, then they may very well be liable. It is highly significant, that three skiers in the span of three months have died skiing on the same trail at Hunter Mountain.

We know how to handle these cases and have won multiple substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients. See our Sports, Amusement and Recreational Injury page for more info on our successes for clients and our renowned team.

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