Title Insurance Rates

Title Insurance Rates – How much will it cost?

Your basic cost will be the insurance premium and any required endorsements.

In addition to the premium and endorsement costs (each of which is $25) there will be recording fee expenses which vary with each transaction and there may be additional fees such as searching and tax search expenses in certain counties within “Zone 1″.

We would be happy to assist you in preparing an exact quote for your individual transaction. A full range of charges for title services is provided below:

Charge DescriptionAmount
40 Year Search/Abstract$400 minimum
Bankruptcy Search$25 per name
Cancellation Charge$125 minimum
Certificate of Occupancy$35 – $100
Certified Check Fee$50 per check
Certified Copies$30 per document
Certified Search$150 minimum
Continuation Search$100 minimum
County UCC-1 Search$55 per name
Department of State UCC-Search$55 per name
Escrow Fee – Tax Escrow$75
Estate Search$150 minimum
Express Delivery Charge$50 per package
Extra Chain of Title$125 minimum
Franchise Tax Search$20 per corporation
Judgment and Lien Search$100 per parcel
Last Owner Search$125 minimum
Lien Search vs Buyers$25 per name
Litigation Search$25 per name
Mortgage Payoff Service$75 – $175 per payoff
Municipal Searches$65 – $600 per parcel
Patriot Act Searches$10 per name
Photocopies$45 minimum
Record Service$25 per transaction
Research$125 minimum
Rundown$50 per transaction
Settlement Closing Fee$650 minimum
State UCC-1 Search$40 per name
Tax Continuation$10 per parcel
Tax Search$50 – $75 per tax parcel
Title Continuation$200
Wire Fee$50 per wire

The above charges and fees are based on normal closing circumstances with residential and commercial property transactions throughout upstate New York. All charges and fees identified as “minimum” may be increased based on the circumstances of your particular file.

Title insurance rates in New York State are set by the New York State Insurance Department. The link for the Rate Calculator below is accessible by you for estimating the cost for basic Title Insurance Premiums and Endorsements in New York State. Please feel free to call us for any future information, costs or fees.



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