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Progress Report Outlines Accomplishments of Medicaid Redesign Team

Governor Cuomo recently released a progress report outlining his Medicaid Redesign Team’s accomplishments to date.  Governor Cuomo created the Medicaid Redesign Team in January 2011 “to reduce costs and increase quality and efficiency” in New York’s Medicaid program.  New York spends more than $53 billion each year on Medicaid.

The progress report focuses on the 27-member Medicaid Redesign Team’s current reform proposals, including a package of reforms that will supposedly save the State $5.5 billion in the next two fiscal years without cutting eligibility or eliminating any option benefits.  Other reforms contain a proposed Medicaid spending cap and “care management” for each Medicaid beneficiary.  The progress report also notes potential reforms not included in the Medicaid Redesign Team’s proposals, including the immediate enrollment of all Medicaid members in “mainstream” HMOs and the elimination of patient protections in nursing homes.

The Medicaid Redesign Team is scheduled to produce additional reforms in the coming months.  Governor Cuomo is ultimately seeking a “comprehensive action plan” by November, 2011 that will put forth the “most significant overhaul of the New York Medicaid Program since its inception.”

This post was contributed by Aaron Mensh.

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