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The Divorce/Family/Matrimonial practice of O’Connell and Aronowitz offers experienced counsel to individuals and families.

Our experienced and compassionate attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving complex custody, visitation and support issues throughout New York State.  January 2018 marked an expansion to our renowned Divorce/Family/Matrimonial practice with Florence Richardson joining the firm as Of Counsel.  Bringing decades of experience focusing exclusively in family law matters, Flo joins attorneys Will Berglund and Kelly Mikullitz to create one of the most dynamic family law practices in the state.

Child Custody & Visitation | Child Support | Divorce | Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets/LiabilitiesGrandparents’ RightsPrenuptial Agreements | Property Division | Retirement Account Divisions (QDROs)Separation Agreements | Spousal Maintenance

We also provide representation with respect to family offense/domestic violence proceedings and abuse and neglect allegations. Information on available local and national resources for victims of domestic violence can be found in our L.I.F.E. Group blog.

Our trusted attorneys work with clients in complex equitable distribution matters involving the valuation of professional licenses, businesses, stock options, royalty contracts, professional practices, retirement accounts and other forms of intangible property interests.

Most divorce and custody cases are resolved by settlement among the spouses and their divorce lawyers or family law attorneys before a trial takes place. This is generally the most beneficial manner by which to finalize such a lawsuit. A settlement is usually accomplished when each spouse decides to accept a compromise, foregoing some personal demands in exchange for the certainty of an agreed resolution and the comfort of achieving finality to legal proceedings.

Although it is sometimes impossible, for a variety of reasons, to settle a case without a trial, we do encourage our clients to make such efforts with our guidance. We advise our clients to minimize legal proceedings, thereby reducing the harmful effects on themselves and their families and realizing substantial savings of time, stress and legal expenses. Funds and efforts spent on continuing litigation, in pursuit of vengeance, ego or spite, reap no rewards and are never recouped. Peace of mind and closure for the entire family are worthwhile goals.

As an adjunct to our Family/Divorce/Matrimonial  practice, we provide post-judgment services in the fields of estate planning, taxation, and bankruptcy. Our Divorce/Family/Matrimonial practice is active in our Albany, Latham and Saratoga Springs offices.


Divorce Legal Glossary:
Parent Handbook to Help Guide Kids Through Divorce


The culture of teamwork and collaboration at O’Connell and Aronowitz helps our three office locations assist clients in a myriad of legal disciplines and harness the talents of O’Connell and Aronowitz attorneys across New York State. We offer the experience, resources, and skills to help you protect your rights and your best interests.


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