Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The Commercial Litigation practice of O’Connell and Aronowitz represents large and small business clients with a special focus on healthcare providers, trade associations, hospital associations, and adult home associations. We also represent individual officers and directors. Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience in both Federal and State courts, as well as in administrative proceedings and arbitration before government agencies. We are experienced in contractual issues, antitrust cases, and employment disputes.

Our attorneys actively represent clients in all types of healthcare litigation, at the state and federal level, including criminal, civil and administrative fraud and abuse investigations; Medicare, Medicaid and private insurer audits, and commercial litigation. We represent providers in professional discipline and regulatory enforcement matters before Federal and State licensing and regulatory agencies. We have extensive experience in antitrust litigation.

We are also active in plaintiff class action litigation under Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Our attorneys represented shareholder interests in a plaintiff class-action litigation against Intermagnetics, challenging the amount of their acquisition. We are also involved in a class action lawsuit against General Electric; representing the interests of all of its employees and retirees holding GE Stock.



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