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Experienced attorneys who advocate for upstate New York Brain Injury Victims

Brain Injury lawyerWhen a brain injury occurs, normal brain functions or sections of the brain can be severely affected. When disruption occurs in the normal functioning of the brain, problems can arise that affect behavior and motor skills.  These problems can cause general to severe difficulties throughout the body that can lead to impairment and or inability to perform normal functions.

Walking, talking, running or standing can be some of the areas affected, altering the individual’s quality of life substantially. No two brain injuries are alike; each injury can display different symptoms and have its own complications. O’Connell and Aronowitz Personal Injury attorneys will work closely with your medical team to understand your short and long-term needs once initial stabilizing treatments are provided.

The O’Connell and Aronowitz Personal Injury Litigation team has extensive experience with litigating Brain Injury and Brain Trauma cases with a successful record of obtaining compensation and care for our clients. Our goal is to obtain the best possible legal outcome for clients suffering from brain injuries and their post traumatic treatment.

It is critical to seek legal counsel as these can be complex cases and many issues can be easily overlooked without proper legal representation. Our team is ready to study your particular case and prepare a legal action plan.

With an outstanding record in courtroom litigation we work diligently to obtain proper compensation that will allow for recovery or long term care, if necessary. Sometimes settlements are made out of court to expedite the process. We never accept any offers without our clients’ approval and we ensure that each offer is weighted carefully against your particular case and needs.

Your brain injury case is contingency based – we do not get paid unless your case has a successful outcome.

To schedule an appointment for a free evaluation of your wrongful death case and learn how we can help you, contact us online or call 800-950-5601.



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