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The Importance of Emotional Support During a Divorce

Finding ways to manage the stress of divorce is essential to making the best of this emotional, life-changing event.

The Importance of Emotional Support During a Divorce Infographic
Title The Importance of Emotional Support during a divorce<br >Going through a divorce can be an incredibly stressful event in a persons life Along with stress it is common to experience grief and sadness with the ending of a marriage Finding ways to mange these feelings can be essential to making the best of this emotional life changing event<br >Dont Face it Alone<br >One way to manage all the emotions of divorce is to seek assistance from others It is important that you surround yourself with people who can provide a positive source of support throughout the divorce process Talking with sympathetic family and friends can ease the emotional impact An alternative to discussing your feelings with family or friends is to seek help through a trained professional A therapist can provide considerable guidance and advice during this difficult time Joining a support group can be beneficial too as it can provide support from others going through a similar situation<br >Children of the marriage may also have a difficult time adjusting to life during and after divorce It is equally important to provide children with emotional support during this time by talking with and listening to them or through the use of therapy sessions<br >The experienced and compassionate attorneys at OConnell and Aronowitz have handled hundreds of cases involving complex support custody visitation and issues Visit us at wwwoalawcom
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