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Questions to Ask When Retaining a Divorce Attorney

Before hiring a divorce lawyer,  the initial interview provides an opportunity to see if  to if they are the right fit for you. This infographic details questions that can help you make the best choice.

Infographic detailing six questions to ask when interviewing prospect divorce attorneys
Title RETAINING A DIVORCE ATTORNEY<br >Divorces and custody disputes are stressful for everyone involved The highly emotional process requires calm and reasoned decision making<br >It is important to retain an attorney committed to protecting your rights and guiding you efficiently and professionally to a beneficial resolution You want someone not only experienced in the field but whose personality and approach are compatible with your own<br >Some questions to ask in your initial interview with an attorney<br > How long have you been practicing law<br > What is your experience with the issues presented<br > How will you check in throughout the process<br > Approximately how long will the process of finalizing the dispute take<br > How do you bill your clients<br > Will anyone else in your office work on my case<br >Utilize the initial meeting with an attorney to ask about the divorce or custody process and your particular situation The lawyer you choose should be qualified give you the attention you need fit your budget and be someone you respect and trust Our experienced attorneys are here to help you
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