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No Fault Divorce in New York State

The “No Fault” divorce action can help divorcing couples from exhausting financial and emotional resources. Our team of compassionate attorneys can advise you on the best options for your circumstance.

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No Fault Divorce in New York State Infographic
Title: “No-Fault” Divorce in New York State
There is no need for one spouse to be found at fault to grant a Judgment of Divorce.
Couples may terminate their marriages simply by stating under oath in a Supreme Court Action for Divorce that the relationship between spouses has broken down irretrievably for a period of at Least six months.
The No-Fault Ground allows divorcing couples to avoid lengthy and expensive legal proceedings to prove fault that could exhaust the financial and emotional resources of each spouse.
No Actual Judgment of Divorce may be granted on this ground unless and until economic issues of equitable distribution of martial property, payment or waiver of spousal support, payment of child support, payment of counsel fees and expenses, as well as custody and visitations have been resolved.
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