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How Lead Poisoning Affects Children

This Centers for Disease Control infographic highlights some of the many dangers children face from exposure to lead.  The legal team at O’Connell and Aronowitz are fierce advocates for injured children, having represented hundreds of clients in complex cases.  We are keenly aware that lead is a dangerous toxin and continues to be a serious threat.   Our attorneys have handled more than 1,000 cases of childhood and adult lead poisoning and have secured some of the largest lead paint verdicts and settlements in upstate New York.

We know what questions to ask and have the financial resources to bring a claim for a child’s lead injury. Contact Attorney Kelly Mikullitz  for legal guidance and to help you understand all the legal rights you may have against the party or parties that caused the lead paint injury.


Lead infographic Aug blog
Lead based paint can be found both inside and outside the home Do you know where to look for lead<br >Exterior paint that is flaking peeling or deteriorating can contaminate soil where children may play<br >Deteriorating lead based paint can also contaminate dust in your home<br > Exterior Paint<br > Interior paint eg kitchen and bathroom paint<br > Interior and exterior doors and door frames<br > Interior and exterior windows and window sills<br > Soil especially under friction surfaces such as windows<br >wwwepsgovlead<br >leadfreekids
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