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How Do I Get a Lead Test For My Child?

It is critically important to get your child tested for lead so that if there is an elevated blood lead level, steps can be taken to eliminate the source of lead and monitor your child’s health. The state Department of Health website has information about lead poisoning and a link to recent recalls. Visit the site here.

If your child does not have health insurance, or insurance does not cover blood lead tests, contact the local health department. They can help your child get tested.

How Do I Get a Lead Test For My Child? Infographic
Title How Do I Get A Lead Test For My Child<br >If your health care provider determines the need for a lead test he or she will provide a prescription<br >Parents take their child and the prescription to a laboratory where the lab technician takes a small amount of blood from the child<br >Your health care provider will receive the results of the test from the lab a few days later<br >Some health care providers may take blood from the child in their offices<br >Over the past fifteen years the legal team at OConnell and Aronowitz has won the largest lead paint verdicts and settlements ever in upstate New York<br >As fierce advocates for injured children we have represented hundreds of clients in complex cases


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