Vaping: Unregulated, Addictive and Dangerous

  • Jan 21 2020
Young girl holding e-cigarette standing outside

After years of decline in the number of Americans that smoked, along came e-cigarettes with a promise that vaping would be less dangerous and make it easy for smokers to quit. But once again we may learn the hard way that what sounds too good to be true probably isn’t, especially when corporate profits are involved.

Pamela Nichols’s January Newsletter

E-cigarette and vape use have skyrocketed. About 10% of U.S. adults now vape, as the practice is called, almost four times more than the 2.6 percent reported in 2013. And that growth means big business: Sales are estimated at $10 billion for 2018 versus $1.2 billion in 2014, and are projected to grow about 25 percent annually through 2025. Pamela Nichols’s January newsletter looks at the latest news on the dangers of vaping and the alarming growth of vape use by young people.

See the complete issue of Pam’s January newsletter here.

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